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Annabelle Belmondo

Annabelle Belmondo

Born and raised in California, Annabelle spent her childhood between California, Oregon, and the south of France where she learnt French and developed her love for French style.

After finishing her degree in literary journalism, she decided to move to Paris for an internship and became a Parisian ever since. She started her modelling career working with luxury brands and international magazines such as Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Tod’s, and Paco Rabanne to name a few.

For the last couple of years, Annabelle has been transitioning from modelling into acting. She acted in three upcoming movies, American Night, an Italian production where she is playing alongside an internationally renowned cast such as Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Emilie Hirsch, a French film, Madame Claude, and Down Chorus, a Swiss independent film based on the story of four teenagers.

In 2020, she recorded music with La Femme, and spent time writing music and recording some of her songs. Annabelle is avid natured and an animal lover, a trained ballet dancer, has been doing yoga since the age of 15, and loves to hike, bike, dance, and surf.