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Rilés is a 23-year-old singer, songwriter, composer and producer from Rouen, France. In 2013, he graduated high school with honors and went on to study English literature at the University of Rouen in order to improve his writing skills (French being his native language).

The same year, thanks to the scholarship he was granted, he built his own home-studio in his bedroom. From that point on, he learned the science of engineering, mixing, and mastering by himself via YouTube. DIY as a leitmotiv, he has produced, written, recorded, mixed, mastered and engineered every single one of his tracks ever since. He has also directed and edited all of his music videos since 2014. The variety of his talents and skills went as far as painting. An art form he's always admired, and which has been part of his artistic palette for more than 8 years now.

In September 201 6, Rilés challenged himself to release one song a week for an entire year. A total of 52 weeks, thus 52 songs up until September 2017 (with none of them having been pre-recorded). That challenge and that year enabled him to grow and build a trademark work ethic, but also helped him learn how to discipline himself into achieving his goals. All those elements combined made him put together a strong personal brand image that led him into garnering huge exposure as well as a wide, solid and devoted audience. That same year he went on his first ever tour all across France, North Africa and London. All from his own from his bedroom in Normandy, with no help from a label (+100M views on his YouTube channel).

In March 2018, he founded his own independent record label, RILÉSUNDAYZ, in order to partner with U.S. based record label REPUBLIC RECORDS (home of the likes of Drake, Post Malone, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift..) for the release of his future albums. The deal was a first for any French or International artist and an important statement for Rilés as it also embodied the United States and worldwide ambitions he nurtured for his career. Fast forward to 201 9, with more maturity, style and a solid team made of close friends, Rilés released his debut album on August 30. Since the signing of his contract with REPUBLIC RECORDS, Rilés and his team have also been developing RILÉSUNDAYZ as both a record label and a fashion brand.